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The symbols of the town are:

  • the Novs Bana coat-of-arms
  • the historical Nova Bana coat-of-arms
  • the Nova Bana flag
  • the Nova Bana town seal
  • the town insignia

Current coat-of-arm of town Nová Baňa
Two silver mining hammers are crossed on a field of blue, accompanied by a golden crown in the upper sector between the hammer handles and by a golden lily in the lower sector between the hammer handles.

The oldest preserved symbol of Nova Bana, dating from the 14th century, is the rare six-sided seal, in the centre of which is a sitting Madonna with the child Jesus standing on her knees. Before them is a kneeling figure of a king, granting (surrendering) his crown to them. Behind the king, on a ribbon, is the inscription LVDOWIC, which indicates that this is King Ludovit the Great (Louis I of Hungary). This motif was later also placed on a shield, while its development also led to a shifting or changing of the individual figures. In the earlier coat-of-arms there was also a bird above the king, sometimes depicted as a dove, sometimes as a crow or an eagle, and the king holds a strongbox in his hands.
Since the town couldn’t use such a complicated and non-heraldic symbol on its town coat-of-arms, it was decided to prepare a new one which would, however, not lose the association with the historic symbol from the 14th century. Crossed mining hammers were selected as the main figure for the coat-of-arms but accompanied by the motif of the crown and the lily – attributes of the Madonna and at the same time the symbol of the French line of the Anjou family of King Ludovit, who was depicted in the historical seal from the 14th century.

The town approved its new coat-of-arms on 27 August 1977.

The flag of Nova Bana is formed by two blue strips crossed on a yellow field, creating a 45 degree angle toward the sides of the flag. The flag has a ratio of sides of 2:3 and is completed by a swallow tail (cut) pointed inward to one-third of the length. 

Flag of Nová Baňa

The town seal of Nova Bana has a rare six-sided shape with the same motif as the above-described historical coat-of-arms. 

Town seal of Nová Baňa

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